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If it's for the R10 then I'd look for some one with a band saw or simular.. Put a flat edge where the butt plate fits to ensure the stock is square and not canted over when on it's side, use masking tape so you can draw your shape of the cheek piece. Cut it out....

The hard part is drilling the holes for the rods, they need to be perfectly aligned to each other or they will bind when adjusting up and down, Use lots of masking tape to protect the wood and clamp it into a vice using a spirit level to ensure its flat, using a pillar drill, drill your two holes around 2.5 inch apart (make sure you measure and record the distance as you need to translate this measurement over to the cut out cheek piece). do the same with the cheek piece and you should end up with two holes parallel to each other. I think 6mm or 8mm is about right for your rods (try B&Q) make sure your holes are the same diameter

Get some glue like araldite rapide and glue your rods into the cheek piece and allow to dry. this will then slide in and out of the stock nicely. To secure it at the height you require, use the screw in threaded inserts (available from "modelfixings") drill two holes using the pillar drill and the stock on it's side to intersect the rod holes, screw in the inserts using an allen key (you may have to reduce the length of the inserts using a grinder depending on the length required), Use two correct sized bolts or large grub screws (obviously the same thread as your inserts) to fix the rods at your height.

Total cost will be around 15/20. it's finding someone with a band saw and pillar drill that will be the hard part. I think the finshed result is (aslong as you've done it right) very professional looking, you can even get an aftermarket adjuster knob that the EV2 guys are using to "finish the look".

Best of luck buddy. Mark
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