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I think hopefully we'll have something interesting soon. We already know we're there in what we want to test, we're hoping the test system proves it. What we need to do is then try it for different guns. The test bed has been a long barrelled steyr. The short barrel one not only needs to be different for fit reasons, but it might need to be different for other reasons. And that means that each rifle design might need a different design/spec, and special barrels might need something custom for the gun. But if the test rig works we'll at least be able to make good judgements based upon something more solid than just feel.

What I can say is that shooting a completely dead gun is a very odd experience. It takes a lot of getting used to, and is superb for highlighting issues in technique which impart their own movement into the sequence. It also does allow for stocks to be set for position rather than to deal with flip and recoil. But I am not sure that we can harness all the blast into making a gun dead, but we can dampen it considerably, and we hope to be able to show that.
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