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I have had one sitting on my old S16s for 7yrs and has been a great scope, very well built, quality feel, I have had a fast focus wheel on it since new that works great, I think I paid sub 50 for it and what a bargain it has been, it is not overshadowed by my expensive scopes on my other guns. I think they were avoided by most shooters because they were so cheap, they're loss. I don't have a problem with eye relief and it used to be a great hunting scope and have used it successfully in competition (well for me anyway) and have had a lot of questions and enquiries about this expensive looking scope, it still gets queries when on the rare occasion I take my S16 to the range, some want to know where they can get one, sorry too late, I think they were only available for a couple of years. It may well be a Chinese Scope, this means nothing to me, it's a great scope and I am rare proud owner.

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