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you don't have to spend a fortune to get good consistent results from a scope.

An old 60 second hand hawke sr6 has given me both national series wins, including clear rounds and decent worlds results. But they do have drawbacks, like they struggle when there is fog ontop of the range blur, plus heat haze can be a bugger too, and they have poi shift if you move mag or focus which stops you from getting a clear long range group sight picture and still group on the marks.

These scopes are getting on a bit in age now, one of mine started to degrade inside and left blobs on the ret - deben replaced under warranty with a vantage sf 3-12x44. Initial setting this up on a gun is it has a far greater depth of field, so alot more targets in focus. Half mildot ret and nice weighting, so looks promising.

The scb2 rets in the connects are imho the best ret for bracket ranging, pitfalls with these are they mist the back lense up quite easily if you are warm. As has already been said, a marmite scope. Took mine off after I started getting the fogging when the weather turned damp a few week back.

I've tried the little 8x leups that the rivi bad boys are using, really clear but targets look tiny, I need to shoot bigger mag than that.

Everything is a compromise with scopes, its just a matter of finding the right compromise that works for you....most of the time.
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