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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
Well I never, very interesting. They are gouging on the price though imho, given the MiLR 32mm version which to all intents and purposes is the same scope, is only about $1650 retail. Especially as these probably won't be the milspec uber-tested versions only available to MLE previously.
Simon/Greg, i know you both use the knight force and had to reparallax them and would imagine these are the same, they will need reparallaxing?

I think for the benefit of the post from the original op, you can do well with a sub 200 scope, I used to shoot with a Nikon with a ballistic ret and found that pretty useful.

It's nice to own nice things and a quality scope will earn you an extra couple of points, but we know that range estimation and wind reading will get you the most points, starting off.

Nobody has got both those skills completely licked yet but some are not far off so a scope that brings the world alive at 45 yrds down range but can also allow you to see the kill on a target 8 yrds away without altering it will make the difference when you getting close to the top.
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