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Originally Posted by SteveC200 View Post
Thats good to know as Ive got one in pieces right now. Im hoping I can get the setting right by careful before and after measuring of components. Ive got one of the Robert Lane rebuild kits coming, hopefully it'll be ok.
Well, as it turns out the RL kit has different spring washers and the tension screw are different to the originals so my measurements mean nothing. The tension screw I can deal with but the new springs are a problem as they are considerably thicker and the stack is taller. Ive contacted RL and hes going to hopefully provide some info but if that doesnt work out, do the springs actually wear out and need replacing? If not I'll chuck the originals back in.

Theres not much involved in a reg tester is there? An air supply to the reg on the input side and a reservoir on the exhaust side with a gauge and vent screw attached? I think its a 5/8 bsp thread on the exhaust side of the reg, anyone know what it is on the input side? Or is that a trade secret?
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