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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
The point mentioned by Kev and Ian does make me think. If you read the rules strictly, you aren't allowed to rest the gun on your forearm for a supported kneeler, only on the hands and shoulder.
I suspect the 'common sense' rule may be wheeled in here ...
Yes, i agree that the rules are very clear on this and supporting your gun in your forearm for a supported kneeler isn't allowed as the rule are written. I used to support on my fore arm, then someone correctly pointed out the written rule to me so a changed to supporting with my hands ony but this is not as comfortable. Since then i have spoken to Gary Chillingworth over this exact rule ( chief UKAHFT marshal) as i was seeing other doing it still and felt i was putting myself at a disadvantage. I was told that resting on my forearm was ok ( as when it on your Arm or the back of your hand). So now i have gone back to supporting on my forearm for supported kneelers, which to me is clearly not what is written in the rules. I think this needs some official clarification and maybe a photo or two added to the Ukahft website rules page. I don't what to be accused of cheating but do want to compete on a level playing field with everybody following the same set of rule.
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