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Originally Posted by beebop2000 View Post
I've been shooting HFT at Cambs (and once at LVAGC) for about a year now, attending when I can every 4 to 6 weeks and so have probably shot 10 or 11 comps. My scores quickly came up and have now plateaued at ~50. What I've realised though is that I pretty consistently miss the near and positional targets.

To try to correct this I've started practising positionals in the garden, with some good results (routinely placing 5 or 6 shots in a 15 mm circle at 25 yards). I've attended one HFT shoot since starting to practice, but failed miserably on positionals and near targets. Thinking back I think I just rushed them whereas in the garden all is calm, quiet, and collected. For the near targets, I aim to do the same but the problem seems to be parallax error and changing eye position. I thought a scope enhancer may help? Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on.

Has any one else hit a similar plateau?

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Depending on where your zero is,problems will occure at the first crossover point (15yds etc ) and how far off your shot is depends how accurate your distance estimation of the target is.
Get that right and range card points correct and you will come to terms with your karma and enlightenment will be yours 'young grass hopper'.
Not much margin for error on a small kill area..
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