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We do things like that. Something else we do, we put three targets on a lane, and you have to shoot two. We can make one of them compulsory and then a choice of the other two, one easier than the other and only worth 1, the harder one worth 2 or even 3. Or we can say, the better guys shoot the harder one and the beginners shoot the easier one.

Another variation is to paint one of the targets red, then it's like a red ball in snooker, you have to get that one down and then you can go for a second target. Miss the red and you are finished on that lane. The other targets can also be painted in snooker colours and worth anything from 2 to 7. That brings tactics into play, as you may want to put some clear water between your own score and the rest of the squad, so if a 7 pointer is there to be had, say a 45 yard stander, maybe you'll go for it, rather than a safe 2 point yellow, which might be a 30 yard freestyle.

We will try anything to get more members to have a go at FT; the impression they get when they see a 1000 rifle with a 1000 scope on top is that it's not for them. Given the chance we can show them that a good S400 with a 300 scope will last them a long while.
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