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Hey up Conor

I'm not saying I'd get it as my bum would be twitching like a rabbit's nose, but I'd want it to be difficult. I wouldn't want a shot that was thrown in as a respite to give me my clear.

If I'd been batting for 3 hours and was on 99 I wouldn't want the bowler to lob me a lollipop so I could get my hundred. I'd be happier pulling an 80mph bouncer for 4. I can't imagine when you played Gaelic Football the opposition would give you a rest if you were under pressure.

I'm talking here to yourself, who is a World Champ, Bri, who is a springer World Champ and Rob, who is an AA shooter. So I'm massively outgunned here when it comes to knowing what I'm talking about.

So I totally respect what you are saying.

I must admit I'm surprised at comments that low level shooters and top shooters need a respite target to ease the mental stress. If you watch Olympic 50m target shooting or Olympic 10m air rifle, where they are shooting many shots in fairly quick succession, at tiny bullseyes, they don't get the odd target that is much easier so they can have a mental rest.

We aren't talking Biathlon here where you physically ski for miles over difficult terrain and then with your heart thumping out of your chest you have to shoot a bank of targets in quick time, before setting off for another hard ski. I've never watched that and seen a marshall ask a competitor how he's feeling ... " A bit stressed to be honest " ... " Well come and sit down in the relaxation tent for a while, take your skis off, have a cold beer, maybe a neck rub ".

We shoot a gate of 2 targets and then get 5 minutes or more before we have to shoot again. In that time we can breathe slowly, look at the scenery, watch a bit of wildlife, chat to a colleague, stroll a few yards to the next lane.

If guys like yourself, Bri and Rob are saying that respite targets are required in a comp to give everyone a mental rest, then that's the way it is.

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