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What we could do with is a couple of dozen C graders saying what they think, but we won't get that on here as it's usually just the same few posters.

I'm a million miles behind you Bri when it comes to FT comp experience so I'll accept what you say.

I'm probably one of those wierdos who needs adrenaline bursting out of my neck to perform. In all the sport I've played I've loved it best when it's got really tense and horrible.

For me, in a comp, I'm spending 3 hours on a HFT course and only probably 15 - 30 mins taking 30 shots at targets. The other 2 hrs 30+ mins when I'm not at the peg I'm taking the p1ss out of my colleagues or talking about bacon sarnies etc. That's when I'm having my 'down' time and respite.
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