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Originally Posted by Mog View Post
Having used about 5 different rifles for HFT over the years, if I was starting again I wouldn't look any further than a Steyr.
Scope-EB Sniper.
Yes but ... Gary Chillingworth probably wouldn't agree with that. He's favoured Steyr over the years but his recent test of an HFT 500 "straight out of the box" really impressed him. I've been shooting one for the last year and love it, and there's no doubt it is the gun of the year for HFT shooters - but things may change next year - who knows?

The AA 400 is a great gun as well and a lot cheaper than the HFT 500. If I was starting out new, knowing what I know now and not wanting to spend a huge amount of money straight off I'd probably go for a good second hand 400 and if I was happy with my progress I might then add an ACZ Ultra target stock to it. It'd still be cheaper than an HFT 500 (or a Steyr) and give you all the gun that you need (and then some) for your first few years in HFT, by which time fashions will have changed again.

Probably of greater importance than the rifle is the scope. It really is important to try as many as possible before you decide - see what suits your eyes.

But one way or another - enjoy HFT!
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