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I'm now into fantasy land Rob ...

I've always thought someone would have come up with a target that indicates a couple of levels of hit.

So say a typical target like we see today with a faceplate and a hole with a paddle at the back. You shoot through the plate hole and the paddle gets knocked back and the target falls over. You make the target tougher by making the hole in the plate smaller. That's where we are now and have been for decades.

So I thought someone would have come up with a target where you have exactly the above ... but the paddle now has a further central hole in it. So the plate hole is say 40mm or even 50mm and it can be that for all targets. The hole in the paddle will be central and smaller ... say 25mm or 20mm or 15mm. If you shoot through the faceplate hole and hit the first paddle then the target falls as it does now. However, if you shoot through the plate hole and get the pellet through the central, smaller hole in the paddle, then the pellet continues to another paddle, or lever, further back and that trips something that sends out an indicator flag ( to the top, bottom or sides ) that indicates that the shot has gone through the central smaller hole ... and you score higher. So you could have 0 plate, 1 for going through the 40/50mm hole and 2 for going through the 15/20/25mm hole. The whole thing resets as you pull the string. So the faceplate stands up and the rear flag is reset. Issues I can think of is a pellet that goes through the main plate hole but splits the inner hole. Could that mean the target doesn't go down and the flag isn't activated either, so you'd effectively get a '0'. The design would have to be worked on to eliminate that. It would also increase costs of targets.

Just dreams ... but it would make it so you could set a plate hole to accommodate all levels and then set inner holes to test the better shooters. The top shots would have to be mainly hitting the inner holes to win the comp. Far more variables in scores and less shoot offs, but youngsters and newbies will get a decent score as they will hit many of the 50mm/40mm holes. No worries either of someone claiming they hit the plate for a 1. If you just hit the plate ... it's a zero.

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