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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It was a longer sitter than that i think. 2nd target in the first lane on that right hand side (looking at course from entrance to woods), think it had bonus bunny in. 51? Dunno. I gave it left edge for a wind i couldn't see off the field, and backing wind that I thought would be defeated by the field's wind. It wasn't. It went straight. It was a stomach punch because it was a superb shot, miles better than the one i'd just sent on a guess in the lane before (which hit the lollipop, but not the kill). He should have had the 35yd'er. I watched him thinking "break... break.... break !!!... wobble snatch dink..."... and i bet he sat behind a few of my shots thinking wtf!
Just checked the measurements we took after the shoot at it was rounded to a 46yd.The second target on the top of the hill was target 22.

If the wind was out like it was on Sunday then I think the scores might have been a tad lower. I had 6 goes at it on Sunday and only hit it once. by giving it about 1" of place on the right. I think on the targets we shot on that side I managed to only get half. On average it was giving about 3" from centre of kill. Some would go dead straight as well even though the strings were moving all over the place.

I enjoyed the day for the windage practice. I managed some good shots and some ' where did that go' shots when it missed the plate.
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