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Put the kettle on ... give me time to catch up.

Now I am with you regarding Jack would find no difference in a 42 yarder as opposed to a 30 yarder so it may as well be a 30 yarder to give the lower end guys a score.

If I've given advice to HFT lads setting courses ... I've told them to make the standers the max distance and smallest kill size.

They then throw in the odd easy prone target.

I explain that if you make the prone really hard the best shooters will get it anyway but the lower shooters will probably miss. If you make the stander easy the best shooters will definitely get that as well. So you may as well make the stander rock hard and maybe some of the best shooters will miss it ( saves shoot offs ). The lower shooter may still get the stander as a fluke and be over the moon. The lower shooter then stands a good chance at the easier prone to get a 2 on their card.

So I get the idea of the psychology of smiles.

My questions were really to try and find out what the lower end shooters consider a 'Gimme'.

PS I'm now making a good argument against my own points. Bu55er this split personality.

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