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As the owner of (see list below) + being previous owner to countless other guns (including 7 s400 type derivatives, 2 hft500, & an ev2, among others) I just use my steyr/nightforce combo exclusively for competing now, & have done since the beginning of this year. My "favourite" gun however was actually a fettled mpr in a hft500/ultimate sporter type stock! If I'm honest the scope is more important in hft than the gun as most modern pcp's are accurate enough so as long as it fits you as Dean mentioned above! The hardest battle is finding the right scope for YOUR EYES!
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Steyr LG100 x2, Ripley AR5S x3, hw77 x2, hw80 x2, hw100, hw97, hw98, Walther Dommie, Walther LGV, Stoeger x20s .22, Daystate mk4 in a custom laminate stock, Diana mod 50 + Gamo compact & Röhm twinmaster pistols


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