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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've often said that I'd have the top couple of grades shooting everything under 40 yards kneeling and everything under 25 yards standing ( or something like that ). So when you get to that standard you have to accept that you have to raise your game to compete at that level. Or you choose to stay where you are.
Yeah they pretty much are at the moment Col - it's usually only the 6 standing targets at a GP that sorts out the top spots. On a 50 target GP, for the top guys at least 40 of those targets are gimmes.

That's the conversation I've had a few times with course setters. If you put a 42 yard target out and there's hardly any wind - you just aren't going to see the likes of Jack Harris / Ian Taylor missing it.. just not going to happen.

So that target isn't doing anything to decide the winner of the day and Jack would find it just as easy if it was 30 yards instead of 42. So why not make it 30 instead?

It would mean that the gap between the lowest score and the highest score on the day was smaller - but, that formula has been proven to work really well at attracting new shooters into HFT - why not learn from it?

If you want to test the best - make every target a standing shot - but you'll end up driving everyone away.
If you want to encourage people to take up the sport - throw em a bone and provide variation in difficulty - some easy, some medium, some hard. i.e. a balanced course.
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