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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yeah that makes sense. We put through 93 last sunday on the trial 40 shot course at Ponte - mainly 3 per lane in the pm session and we also finished at 3pm.

93 is a low turnout for the Ponte round and there were no ceasefires to speak of in the 2nd session.

Some of our clubs cannot leave targets (or indeed anything!) out overnight, and at certain times during the league the sunset time is just 3:45pm. If everything goes well and everyone is off the course by 3pm, that still only gives us 45 minutes to take in an entire course before it's dark.

Considering that your first session took 2:30 hours and finished at 11:30 and it took a whole hour just to respray 40 targets, I'd say that bringing in a 40 target course plus all ropes / strings / posts / plinking targets, silhouettes, pistol targets etc etc.. is going to be pushing it more than just a little bit in just 45 minutes.
Quite a few shooters boycotted Ponty Bri.

I thought twice about it, but decided to come as I was picking something up from a shooter.

If 40 shot becomes standard, be prepared for a reduction in the number of shooters.
Less is more.

More or less.
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