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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Nah, I wouldn't want to do that - as much as I think the 2,1,0 system has played a big part in the success of HFT, I also think it's a system that gets abused. Ever heard anyone claiming they hit a plate when you know full well they didn't?
I'm chasing your tail now as you are posting as I'm typing.

I agree with you. It's another reason why I think the 0,1,2 is pointless. I've done just as you suggest and seen some pretty decent shooters hit a twig, or just plain miss, and claim it was a plate. In sort of reverse of that ... I used to shoot with an old FN19 with no silencer on. It sounded like a blunderbuss. I shot one target which was 8 yards HFT rested prone. Now I aint the best in the World Bri but the day I miss a full sized Knockover plate at 8 yards from the HFT prone position ... I shoot myself. My partner, who I had never met before claimed .... " Unlucky fella ... a miss ... zero ". I told him that it was a plate and I hit just off the kill. He claimed he didn't hear the 'dink'. I told him there was basically no time delay from the release to plate contact and with the noise this old Falcon made it was no wonder he didn't hear the dink. Cost me a point.

I used a silencer after that.

It also tickles me how folk wander off the HFT course and proudly state that they have scored 45/60. You've missed half the targets then. Still, that's the point you are making.

Like I said fella ... You know this FT game a lot better than me. If it needs half a dozen under 40 yard 40mm respite shots thrown in to give one and all a smile ... then long may it continue.

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