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It's always great to read your posts Bri.

One thing I like to think I can do is listen to other people's opinions ( especially if they are more experienced than me ) and be prepared to change my mind.

Ok ... I see from a Psychological point of view that it looks and feels a lot better with the lowest shooters getting a reasonable amount of points.

I've commented before on the topic of every grade of shooter shooting the same course. I've often said that I'd have the top couple of grades shooting everything under 40 yards kneeling and everything under 25 yards standing ( or something like that ). So when you get to that standard you have to accept that you have to raise your game to compete at that level. Or you choose to stay where you are.

If something like that isn't going to be done and you want to have easy targets to attract and keep new shooters then you have to accept that the top guys are only be tested on a reduced percentage of the course.

Hey ... it's worked up until now ... so if the FT gang are happy then all is well. Just me spouting my own opinions again.
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