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Originally Posted by skires View Post
If FT thinks that the HFT '1' for a plate 'Gimme' is a main reason for attracting shooters and keeping them coming back then maybe it can think about that in FT. Maybe it could have a class or grade such as 'Fun' or 'Novice'. In that class you get 1 for a plate and 2 for a knockdown. I used to go to club shoots at FT clubs in the Midlands years ago and they used to have 5 for a plate and 10 for a knockdown. Even the poor shooters thought they were World Champs when they were scoring 200.
Nah, I wouldn't want to do that - as much as I think the 2,1,0 system has played a big part in the success of HFT, I also think it's a system that gets abused. Ever heard anyone claiming they hit a plate when you know full well they didn't?

FT doesn't need to though - just exercise the rules of FT a little bit and don't put every 40mm kill out past 40 yards. Throw the newcomers a bone once in awhile and give the average shooters a bit of a breather from 100+ yard lanes.

The Midlanders winter league courses are a great example of this - I've only shot a few of them, but the ones I have shot they've got the balance just right and I came off wishing we could be more like that in my own region.
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