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I'm not picking on you Col, I just think it's interesting and it's something that HFT has been a huge success at.

Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've shot a few Worlds and Nationals and plenty of comps in the NW in HFT. There really aren't many 'Gimme's. Yup, you get 1 for a plate but everyone's scores are relative to the 30 freebies that you get for plates.
Yeah, those 30 gimme points change the gap at the top...

Ok, I know this isn't true exactly because you have the chance of hitting bits of tree or missing a faceplate that's barely there at all etc.. but for arguments sake lets say that out of 60 points - hitting 30 faceplates isn't too taxing for anyone if there gun is anywhere near zeroed.

What that means is suppose the top score of the day is 59 and someone comes in with a 45. They come off the course with a 76%. If HFT used an OXO scoring system those scores would have been 29 vs 15 which is 51%

What you're doing is closing the gap with the top scorer by 25%. That has the psychological advantage of making those top scores seem more within reach for the bottom of the pack. In reality there's a big jump between putting in regular 55's to putting in regular 59's in HFT, but the perception is that it's not that far off and seems more achievable.

I think that really helps to bring new shooters in and helps to keep them coming back for more time after time. By the time they realise they've been conned, it's too late, they're already bitten by the bug and there's no hope for them anymore

Now if you look at FT's scoring system.. take the last NEFTA Winter League for example - the top score was 39 and the lowest score was just 4! and I've seen 50 shot GP's where the low score was around 4 or 5 as well believe it or not. That doesn't do much to encourage new shooters - the gap between last and first seems like such a huge gap that many will be put off trying.

Ok, now let's look at the big hitters of FT - Jack, Ian, Calps, Ozzy, Gilly, Neil Hague, Berty, Conor etc etc... those guys very nearly clear every course they shoot - to them 55 yarders in a bit of wind are gimmes. If there's not much wind the day is won or lost on the standers usually. So if that's the case taking things to the other extreme, why not just do away with sitting shots altogether and make every shot on the course a stander? That'll really test the top shots, no one will ever clear a course and the gap between the average shooter and the superstars of the sport will grow even bigger.

What would that do to the sport? Would it encourage more people to take part or put many off going altogether?

What you need is a balanced course - and yes I'm afraid that means having some easy shots on the course too, how else are you going to get that balance?
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