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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Given this is fine for HFT at national and world championship level competitions...

Why in FT is it not ok to have some gimme targets in anything other than fun club shoots?
As I've said Bri, my comments are just my opinion. I've asked the questions in my other post to see what other people's, especially low end shooters, views are.

I suppose we'll never really know if HFT would have been just as popular if they hadn't had 1 for a plate. It may have deterred some, but I'm not sure how many. I must admit I've shot Nationals ( and I know I haven't shot loads of them as all my HFT was in the Winters ) with guys who have done cartwheels when they've hit a plate at 30 yards. If that floats their boat ... then hey ho. Not for me.

I've shot a few Worlds and Nationals and plenty of comps in the NW in HFT. There really aren't many 'Gimme's. Yup, you get 1 for a plate but everyone's scores are relative to the 30 freebies that you get for plates. As for knocking them over for a '2' ... not a lot of 'Gimmes'. You don't even see 40mm kills on prone shots. They are virtually all max 35mm and out to the max. Loads of reducers including 6x 15mm kills to 25 yards.

So yes you do get 1 for the plate, and I'm not sure how many out of the hundreds that shoot HFT are really all that grateful of it. You don't get 40mm kills ( hardly any, if any ) on prone lanes under 40 yards.

I just don't know why FT'ers would want a 'Gimme'. I've shot club courses with plenty of 'Gimmes' on them and it's just no fun. It's ok if you are going around again doing everything kneeling and standing.

I'd probably land square in the middle of C grade but I still wouldn't want any easy targets. Maybe a lot of FT shooters do. If they do, and FT wants to attract more of the same, or keep the ones they have, then they have to be accommodated. You have to look at the balance at the other end and wonder how much further you could push the sport for the AA guys if every shot was a challenge to them.

Forty years of 1st team competitive cricket. If someone capable of bowling 80mph ran in and bowled me a 50mph lollipop, I'd throw it back at him and ask him to bowl properly. If I've hit him for 4, I want to know I've earned it.

Probably just me.

Here are the questions I asked again ...

Let's say it's a day with some wind about but you are inside a 40mm kill up to 40 yards.

What targets would a decent A or average ( on the day ) AA shooter consider too easy ( kill size, range, position )? I'm presuming a decent AA shooter will expect to clear or just miss one or two on that sort of day ( and the results show that ). I know the answer ( as per Gilly earlier ) is that non of them are easy until it has a cross on your card. I've shot loads of HFT so I know the targets that you get to and think ... I need to make sure ... but this one isn't really a massive test ... I'll be very very very p1ssed off if I miss this one.

What target would an average C shooter consider too easy?

What do the lower shooters think? Do they just want points or a challenge on EVERY shot?

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