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Given this is fine for HFT at national and world championship level competitions...

Originally Posted by skires View Post
The 1 for a plate ... and the quite solid HFT prone position ... all help new or low end shooters to get a decent score on their card ... and keep them coming back.

Why in FT is it not ok to have some gimme targets in anything other than fun club shoots?

Originally Posted by skires View Post
There's always the issue of low end shooters or newcomers and youngsters. Club courses that are run every Sunday, or every other Sunday, usually put courses out with plenty of easy ( 40mm under 40 yard ) targets. For me, that's where newcomers and youngsters should be encouraged to shoot until they get up to a standard..
Originally Posted by skires View Post
My comments are related to 'comps' courses whether they be regional or GP ( I'd expect those to be very tough with graded shooters having to work hard to score according to their grade ).
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