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You are forced into situations in HFT that serious hunters would not consider if shooting at live quarry. You may be forced to go high up the peg to get over a log etc. You may have to shoot with your body in an uncomfortable position. The clock's ticking. HFT is definitely a target sport.

The 1 for a plate ... and the quite solid HFT prone position ... all help new or low end shooters to get a decent score on their card ... and keep them coming back.

Every man for themselves and my post above, as always, is only my opinion. Personally I get no satisfaction hitting a plate the size of a coconut at anything up to 45 yards in HFT from a solid prone position or any other position. Similarly, I don't get any real thrill in knocking down a 30 yard 40mm kill in very little wind from a sitting stance in FT, at 20x, when my scope has ranged it accurately, and I'm shooting a rifle capable of 8mm ( or less ) groups at that range.

I'd certainly not have all targets over 40 yards on a stillish day. Just all 40mm kills shot sitting. Under 40 yards there are still 25mm kills and 15mm kills under 25 yards, plus all the positionals.

If there's plenty of wind about then bring it all in a bit. Weather forecasting is pretty decent within 24/48 hrs. So if it says it's going to blow your hat off then bring it in. If it says it's going to be pretty calm then get virtually all the 40mm stuff over 40 yards or so and shove some of the positionals out to max.

That's why I asked really. Even a newish shooter, or low end shooter, using a modern PCP with the right pellet, should find 40mm under 40 yards ... ok say 35 or 30 yards ... little challenge. If you've got up at 5am or 6am and driven plenty of miles ... to shoot 30 pellets in 2 1/2 or 3 hrs ... you want every shot to be a challenge ... or maybe not. Hence the questions.

There's always the issue of low end shooters or newcomers and youngsters. Club courses that are run every Sunday, or every other Sunday, usually put courses out with plenty of easy ( 40mm under 40 yard ) targets. For me, that's where newcomers and youngsters should be encouraged to shoot until they get up to a standard. They can have as many shots at a target as they like ( at most clubs ) until they knock it down. That way they can be coached by Dad or Mum or the club coach/good shots. They'll learn that way as they will see how an adjustment knocks it down. Going around a course and only having that one shot, and when you miss, you have no idea why, is just confusing and soul destroying. If they want to shoot a 'comp' course then they realise that it will be tougher than what they are used to on a Sunday morning club fun shoot.

My comments are related to 'comps' courses whether they be regional or GP ( I'd expect those to be very tough with graded shooters having to work hard to score according to their grade ).

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