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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yeah, that is a bit off topic - The short answer is that HFT isn't supposed to be a hunting simulation. 'Hunter' refers to the type of equipment used not the type of shooting. HFT is a target sport just like FT
Not sure that is how the general public would perceive things given the title "Hunter", the popularity of camo style clothing worn by participants, that unlike FT equipment with its huge side wheels etc that clearly would not be ideal for hunting live quarry a large amount of HFT shooters will use the same kit to compete and hunt with as well as the fact that most but appreciate not all targets are replicas of legitimate quarry species being shot in an assimilated hunting environment?
i do appreciate that HFT like FT is a target sport but i wouldnt mind betting that a much higher percentage of HFT shooters as opposed to FT shooters participate in hunting or come from hunting into the sport. I dont have a problem with hunting by the way, far from it.
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