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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I think you also have to consider that it's not all about making things difficult - it's about making it fun for everyone and encouraging new shooters to have a go.

HFT is great for bringing in new shooters, and because of the 2,1,0 scoring system everyone effectively gets given 30 points for free. Apart from a few targets, hitting a faceplate isn't particularly challenging - yet you still get a point for it in HFT.

That formula works well for bringing in new people, so having a few gimme targets on an FT course might not be great for AA's but it's ultimately good for bringing new shooters into the sport. That's evidenced by the popularity of HFT with it's 30 gimme points on every course.

The rules for FT are that targets can be placed between 10 yards and 55 yards - if we only ever place them between 40 and 55 are we losing our ability to set out challenging courses based on target location/wind and relying on just putting everything out close to the max distance?

Having lane after lane of 100+ yard lanes becomes a bit boring and repetitive, sometimes it's nice to have the odd 30 yarder thrown in for a bit of light relief even if it's an easy target for most.
Possibly about to drift slightly off topic, i do agree with the above. What i do find strange is that HFT is supposed to be a simulation of hunting and ive shot a few HFT courses and can see that this is fairly accurate with real life hunting scenarios. So why is it you get a point for effectively poor marksmanship (hitting the plate and not the kill) which in the real world would result in an injured creature?
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