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Sorry if this is a tad controversial and hopefully it doesn't upset new or lower end shooters.

I've shot airguns for a very long time but I'm a newcomer to shooting FT in FT style.

I know there are lots of grey areas ( mainly wind ) but I'd like to ask these two questions ...

Let's say it's a day with some wind about but you are inside a 40mm kill up to 40 yards.

What targets would a decent A or average ( on the day ) AA shooter consider too easy ( kill size, range, position )? I'm presuming a decent AA shooter will expect to clear or just miss one or two on that sort of day ( and the results show that ). I know the answer ( as per Gilly earlier ) is that non of them are easy until it has a cross on your card. I've shot loads of HFT so I know the targets that you get to and think ... I need to make sure ... but this one isn't really a massive test ... I'll be very very very p1ssed off if I miss this one.

What target would an average C shooter consider too easy?

I said ' average C shooter ' as there may be shooters who have just started in the last few weeks, but you can't really be setting gimmes to give them several points.

Personally, I want to work for every point. My sitting isn't great yet but I'd be very disappointed if I don't drop everything that's 40 yards or below, with a 40mm kill in the above example condition. I don't want several targets that are 40mm, sitting and under 40 yards so I can have some points on my card.

It can say I scored 25/40 on my card but if I know that 10 of them were Mickey Mouse then I have no real pride or achievement in knocking them over. I'd have sooner got 15/40 but known I worked hard and shot well on those 15 targets and I have to practice harder to start knocking some of the others down.

What do the lower shooters think? Do they just want points or a challenge on EVERY shot?

I've also shot courses where my sidewheel has been stuck on 53 yards for several lanes on the trot in a 20mph sidewind. I'm not sure whether that's a difficult course or just plain pointless? That may have been one of Jon's courses where a lot of the targets were in a different post code, but I do agree with him that it should be very rare to see C grade shooters getting within a handful of shots of the winning score. If a shot is 'easy' for an AA shooter but challenging for a C shooter then fair enough. If it's just an easy target to get points on everyone's cards then it shouldn't be on the course.

As I said, there are lots of grey areas, as a windy day will see me missing 40mm kills at much closer distances. I'm just trying to get a feel for what level you have to try and accommodate and what lower level shooters want/expect.

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