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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post

Woody got the top score and I think he dropped the 35 stander and a 40ish sitter.
It was a longer sitter than that i think. 2nd target in the first lane on that right hand side (looking at course from entrance to woods), think it had bonus bunny in. 51? Dunno. I gave it left edge for a wind i couldn't see off the field, and backing wind that I thought would be defeated by the field's wind. It wasn't. It went straight. It was a stomach punch because it was a superb shot, miles better than the one i'd just sent on a guess in the lane before (which hit the lollipop, but not the kill). He should have had the 35yd'er. I watched him thinking "break... break.... break !!!... wobble snatch dink..."... and i bet he sat behind a few of my shots thinking wtf!

I thought it was a good course, I think everyone enjoyed it, or at least that seemed to be the feedback we got. A good start to the series.

Certainly course design and grounds have moved on from even a few years back, i was thinking about a ground that held a couple of GP's in the past and thinking how it wouldn't stand the expectations of today's circuit shooters. We really have come on as a sport recently.

I think JamesOs comment about building a course of interest for all levels is spot on. For me it's something to be strived to certainly at regional level, but i don't think it's a given that it can always be achieved, or that if it isn't that it's down to some failing of a formula or that someone should have done something different.

It's also easy to assume that AA's (or other grades) just are all about the winning/hitting targets. Perhaps that's very true for those trying to achieve specific things still, but there are some that have got (or not got) the t-shirt that may get their enjoyment from other aspects of the course and sport.
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