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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Just for you NEFTA boys to ponder.....
Mfta shot Greyhound today... Wind was blowing strong and very, very tough!
But, we started at 9.00 a.m prompt and got first session done in 2.30 hours..
2 shooters per lane, so 40 through.
Second session all off for 3.00 p.m
Not dark, and still able to range find as I know because I was last off!

Up to you lads what NEFTA do....not stirring it honestly... But a lot of what's said on this thread is wrong.

MFTA Comp Manager, Gilly.

P.s I'm neutral so don't cut me danglers off..
58 shooters in total, so 18 in the 2nd session? - half an hour to spray targets still means the pm session took 3 hours to finish with just 18 on it

Worse than we predicted then?.

The problem was that for some rounds in our league, sunset is at 3:45pm - meaning that there's a chance if things don't go too well that the club will be packing away targets in the dark.

The other thing that has been said in this thread is that increasing the number of targets to 40 creates more problems than it solves.
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