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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Tipping point was another Gladwell book yes. They're all quite a fun read and help you to look at things in a slightly different perspective. A bit easier to digest than the Black Swan. The fact that they're not always completely truthful shouldn't detract from the underlying message though.

the Black Swan is worth a read.
I'll give it go, yeah they are fun to read but I wonder how many councils took the broken window theory seriously and spent a fair whack on it?

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I'm perfectly fine with you banging your head against a brick wall and trying to fit results into a spreadsheet - you can do that all day long if it makes you happy. I do have to take issue when you start saying that what you have is mathematical proof however, because that's not true.
The maths are indeed very difficult/complex with this (shooter/course/weather) but I don't think I was saying that, I was or wanted to say I believe creates a better opportunity, of course if you don't practice then don't expect a return, same goes for setting the course - all those things have to be in place. So let me just leave with I'm more settled on more targets and I can pull back from a very bad start better - I just do better on them. Always great chatting with you Bri.

Whichever way the votes goes I'll support it.
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