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this debate seems to be turning more to performence than to me the real point time.

Over the last couple of years we have been blessed with fantastic weather at almost
every comp.

But I like a lot of other shooters shooting the winter league I remember shooting in the
rain and snow, driving to and from shoots in snow and ice.

Personaly I would rather do my driving in in these conditions in day light, shooting 30
targets if all goes well allows this 40 will not even if every thing goes to plan.

shooting in cold wet conditions always takes longer and it has already been muted
people could stay on their lanes to clear away to beat the dark after shooting 40

At Keighley quite a few of us stayed to pull the courses in.

How long did we wait after finishing our last lane 20 to 30 mins
it may have been longer all due to a faulty target

If this shoot had been a couple of months later in the season we would have been in
the dark on a 30 shot course let alone 40 with it's longer running time

And how many would have stayed behind had they been cold wet and facing a drive
home in bad weather.
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