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Great post Bri, maybe I should have said crossing the fulcrum/tipping point Curve was indeed the wrong word, a series of less disappointing spikes would have been more accurate.

I don't need to borrow the books I've read them, this article pretty much sums up what I think of them the broken window theory springs to mind. Same with Seth Godin, they read like comfort books for middle management nodders Great story tellers but I've seen behind the curtain, I worked with a guy who makes a living out of those types of books, there's a gulf between what's in them and what actually happened. I still waiting for his chapter on the day he turned up to work to find to his surprise he'd resigned! It's not in any of his books yet nor is the product he advised would print money that cost 900k to make and made 2K back but I guess they don't fit. I digress tho.

I agree with the chaotic mess of many variables. Sometimes my score doesn't match the expected emotion, I've walked off courses with PB's and not been happy, equally I've got low scores and been loads happier, simply because I've shot loads better and enjoyed the course.

I know people keep saying if it ain't broke but I'm guessing people said that when it was only 20 targets as well.
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