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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Afternoon Coop Dawg,

Is not that disagree with everything that's been said and yes I have improved and put the work in. Also thanks for the praise and support but I'll admit it was a bit unnerving to say the least! Maybe the only thing we'll ever agree on is AC/DC, Motorhead (R.I.P Phil) and Ozzy (not James) but I'd settle for that!

I don't think there is a simple answer but I'll try and illustrate what I'm trying to say and why it helps people in lower grades come on.

1. Average shooter, just going up the curve but still making silly mistakes and rubbish at standers. Scores on average 63-67% every time.

2. Course 1. Nails 30 target course, nothing much under 40yds and all disciplines set to max. 10mph wind. No-one ever clears them.

3. Course 2. Balanced 40 targets spread between 30yds to 55yds, disciplines split on total length and 5 lanes to sort the AA shooters.10mph wind. Occasionally gets cleared.

Which course does the shooter in 1 stand a better chance of scoring over 65% on?

It's just the laws of probability maths in play, which one would you bet on?

Maybe you still don't agree, so here's an offer. I'll take you to the next 3 40 targets shoots, pay you in, get you a bacon and you can have that for free if your scores don't improve. If they do improve I get to video you saying "I got it wrong, sorry, Martin was right" Can't say fairer than that.

PS: Guess which ginger tree hobbit I beat on the silli's today?
not gona agree on't 30/40 YOUR RIGHT[ that took some typing] can't take you up on your offer either though with the chance of seeing fliptoe performing its very tempting, what would happen if i had a couple o good shoots after? seppuku would be my only option, can't beleive ginger prince got less than 9 on't sillies.
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