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Default Good course

10 -29y x 3 targets (all full 40mm)
30 -39y x 3 (All 40mm)
40 - 49y x 11
50+y x 7

Reducer (25mm) @ 28/32/13/33/25/14/y
15mm kill @ 14 & 10.5y

Standers @ 14/35/41/25 y
Kneelers @ 42/43/41/25 y

It would have been a tougher test if Saturdays wind was up on sunday. I reckon on a windier day instead of 37, top would have been nearer to 33-35 which would have made it a tough shoot for C - A, normally I would hope to score would be around 37.

When or if you make it to the top Simon, you will realise "Luck" plays only a very small part, at best 1 target a course on average.
On the day I did not come out of kill and two of my three misses were bad shooting due to rushing being last on, I should have come off with a 1.
Lowest score was 19 so nearly a 50% hit rate which is what I think a C grade shooter should be attaining at regional level.[/QUOTE]

Looks to me that you have taught young Gadget well about building a course for all to enjoy.
But if your Welsh wind got up that would be a tough course to master.
I don't want to make it to the top, Its not what I want from the sport.
I often think FT is a little like Golf ,we all manage to talk the game back to level Par in the clubhouse afterwards. Missing due to rushing is no excuse really ,you finished on 37 so that's your score not should of been 1.
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