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Default Know your land and balance your course

Our (gadgets) course last sunday, set for regional standard was constructed with:

10 -29y x 3 targets (all full 40mm)
30 -39y x 3 (All 40mm)
40 - 49y x 11
50+y x 7

Reducer (25mm) @ 28/32/13/33/25/14/y
15mm kill @ 14 & 10.5y

Standers @ 14/35/41/25 y
Kneelers @ 42/43/41/25 y

It would have been a tougher test if Saturdays wind was up on sunday. I reckon on a windier day instead of 37, top would have been nearer to 33-35 which would have made it a tough shoot for C - A, normally I would hope to score would be around 37.

When or if you make it to the top Simon, you will realise "Luck" plays only a very small part, at best 1 target a course on average.
On the day I did not come out of kill and two of my three misses were bad shooting due to rushing being last on, I should have come off with a 1.
Lowest score was 19 so nearly a 50% hit rate which is what I think a C grade shooter should be attaining at regional level.
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