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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
With the Nefta lads all having their little gripes about 30 or 40 targets has got me thinking courses. If you put out a balanced course with some sub 30/40 yd targets and a mix of gimme kneeler/ standers and some at full range, does this make a course hard or easy?
If a course is designed for someone to clear , then does this add to the difficulty for the AA shooters? If you know that you can not afford to miss if you want to win, surly that's a good test of a shooters all round ability to hit targets under pressure. If the course is nails hard with most targets over 40 yds then is this not just seeing who's luck holds out the longest. A lot of top end shooters will argue that skill knocks targets over but in my opinion luck plays its part.
So what makes the perfect testing course, targets that can be missed if you have a lapse of concentration or loads of 40+ targets?
I'm not sure I agree Si, I mean if your left handed, short, ginger or Welsh you hardly likely to be running around with a rabbits foot dangling from your kneck are ya?
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