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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
It is indeed a fine art Mark, I just believe 40 gives you more to play with and of course it's possible to make it unbalanced but why would you set out to do that?

I don't mind which way the votes goes, I can only tell what the difference is and if you don't accept that it helped, fine because the numbers say different.
People have there own "vision" of what makes a good course, they don't always approach from purely ballanced design (ie distances) and then what you may call ballanced another will call unbalanced as it's too easy. It's fairly subjective issue, I'm not a great shot, infact I'm down as c grade, but it's not often I've come across a W/L course I've thought too hard course design wise, its usualy me being pants as to why i miss, especially positionals even easy ones haha (I'm usualy shooting SFT stylee), biggest issue ive had with some courses is them feeling samey sometimes.

Ps: got a proper FT scope this time and will be doing all the remaining rounds FT stylee now. I've dabbled in the past but now it's time to get serious hahaha

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