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Originally Posted by LANKY MK View Post
And there we go, the real issue.

You are equating a persons improvement/enjoyment with how many targets there are when in reality it's down to the course design.

And again you are mistakenly equating more targets with balanced course design, or should that be termed easier. it's just as possible to put out an easier...... sorry more ballanced 30 shot course then it is to put a unbalanced/hard 40 shot course.

And yes for the lower grades easier course's are generally speaking better for them, higher grades prefer harder courses. It's a balancing act and in nefta the W/L shoots are well attended so allthough not everyone can be pleased overall nefta members (who shoot W/L) don't have an issue , yes you do (there will be others) but the majority seem to be fine as is, as shown by the response from the voting at ponty.
It is indeed a fine art Mark, I just believe 40 gives you more to play with and of course it's possible to make it unbalanced but why would you set out to do that?

I don't mind which way the votes goes, I can only tell what the difference is and if you don't accept that it helped, fine because the numbers say different.
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