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Originally Posted by chloe View Post
The differences are subtle and down to user preference. The black T 50 is a touch more stable in very bright conditions, or against a very high contrast target. T 50 lms Silver is slightly better in bad light for example in a dark wood. Both are true 50 mag scopes , never had to turn either down to use in wood. If you require more info give Falcon a ring .
Thanks Chloe, just the kind of info I was looking for. Unfortunately improbable i'll be able to test either and compare as they seem to be quite rare, even though after trawling through 100s of posts they generally get good reviews compareing against the obvious rival the big nikko.
Does seem strange, given that they are much cheaper and come with all sorts of goodies (sunshade, wheel, big turret and scope caps), that they are not more popular.
May have to take a risk? not decided. Though I am unsure of the thick ret. But on the plus side I have read that Falcon guarantee is 1st class, so if it don't work as it should IE range find, or other probs, should be easy to sort out
Think I am trying to talk myself into buying one tbh
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