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We've done all this before ... expensive guns ... blah blah blah ...

It's what people do that have a passion in something. It's either to try and get that extra edge in competition ... or to just own the best that they can afford in their given sport.

There are amateur golfers out there with thousands of pounds worth of gear who go round at about 50 over par. There are cricketers who have a 300 bat, 100 pads and 80 gloves. They score about 100 runs a season ... but they love the sport and they want the best.

There are others who like to crawl around with a 30 year old springer ... some to experience the joy of old fashioned shooting ... some carrying that glint in their eye that they will beat someone with a top of range pneumatic so they can revel in the spoils.

People earn their money and spend it on what they want. The only rule is ... stay within the rules.

It'll always be the best shooters winning comps so it's all tosh anyway.

I reckon the guy who sent in the email to the mag was one of you guys, so you can all rattle sabres and experience that warm feeling of camaraderie as everyone sits and cuddles their new kit before the Worlds, humbling in the unity against the outside doubters that look in and take uneducated cheap shots against our sport.

Buy what you want ... shoot what you want ... your choice.

Boz ( these new tablets are great ).
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