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Originally Posted by madplinker View Post
I have noticed looking at photos of HFT events this year that some people are not touching the peg in positionals kneeling or standing.

Also some people are kneeling with there knee on top of the bean bag so 2 points of contact with the ground instead of 3 is this legal ??????
Pictures may not show the toe end of a boot touching a peg on a stand or kneel lane when they are actually doing it, or maybe the pic was posed? it happens. As for people not doing this during a comp it is not something I have witnessed and I am at an event most weekends.
The point about the bean bag being between the knee and floor is probably splitting hairs, yes the fabric may have been between the knee and ground which could be done to keep your kit clean or to prevent kneeling on an uncompromising surface, the contents of the bag will move out of the way and your stance would be less solid if it didn't. The rules say the bag can be used to support the knee.
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