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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
It wasn't a vote, half the people didn't know what it was for to start with and I watched two people put NO before even firing a shot!

It was a random straw poll Coop to gather opinion, I have no problem with that but it's not a vote or really giving things a chance/try is it. On most of the shoots with feeder lanes it's only 4 more targets anyway, 4 targets!!!!

On it being better for the lower grades it's not opinion Coop, how do you think I learned so much and got out of B?

It wasn't by shooting nails courses week in week out, it was by shooting more balanced courses that had something for everyone so I could actually learn from my mistakes. The Difference is there for you to see mate, the difference in % is almost a grade, same with Phil. Of course putting those extra 10 targets over 50 won't help anyone new will it? I've also put the work in as well.

It's also available if you look who's gone up and gone down, it's all there, just take a look. If this is about everybody then you need to consider everyone, just look at the movement (or lack of) and new people joining vs leaving - it's almost static, that's not the future is it?

It's true I don't like the grading system because I don't find it accurate in a sport that's about accuracy, the irony isn't lost on me. But I don't agree with the award of 100% for not hitting 100%, the use of Mean as an average or regional difference - accurate stats they do not make and Regional difference proves that - I've shot around with people in A from different areas that would be in the bottom of B in NEFTA but the stats are there for you, I don't need to prove that, it's already fact.

As I've said several time I really don't mind which way the votes goes but I do believe you are missing an opportunity.

I'll just leave this here and you can chin at me on the silli's on Saturday

theres no denying you have improved m8 but with the amount of shooting you do thats bound to happen, you've put the work in and got results and as iv'e already told you well done but it would make no difference if it was 30 or 40 shot courses you had shot its the amount of shooting you've done thats got the improvement, won't be on the sillies satdy going out on a leaving do though it is very tempting to come n break you on't sillies agen, the stick man on your lil picture is that me? i look very slim and if it is, is it also an admission that your wrong? that coop alarm on your computer will be buzzing now so il just leave you to your spinning lol.
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