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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
HFT has a few high and low high profile lefty shooters who shall we say have occasionally brought this to the setters attention over recent years. I think most clubs do give this serious consideration when placing targets now, it is an area that has improved a lot in recent years. But it is difficult for a right handed course setter to always see it through both left and right handed eyes.[/QUOTE

my point exactly Si, same as a tall setter through a short setters eyes , check out a good friend of mines signature regarding rocket launcher stylee

can be exaggerated by high mounts as another top shooter pointed out

doh , I, m a bit slow on picking up the wit on the first line on your reply , nice one , lol

I am glad it wasn't wasted Vinny!

I was just thinking of the ratio of left to right shooters in hft, and then realised that at the top end of this game the ratio changes with a higher concentration of lefties compared to the overall ratio. We must be making the courses too easy for them!
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