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Default I hear this a lot

[QUOTE=merlot;216487]You all no wot I mean just think of lefty if it eos the other way round[/QUOT

I have done a bit of setting now and hear this a lot , personally for all the hard work it is doing a typical 30 shot hft course taking 3 full days if your on your own, the last thing anyone wants are unhappy shooters , so , I like all shots to be able to be taken both sides of any peg, its really easy to overlook the simple things eg , an up the peg shot must be acheivable by smaller people to also be fair due to arm length , any shots taken to the extreme will always cause issues , the worst thing are people who make the peg uncomfortable , and I, m talking deliberately laying across tree stumps etc , steep elevated shots are another issue recently been revised in our area, I dare say the same applies to FT setting as well

do you also check all the shots from both sides of the peg or cushion , if you dont you may find that a shot easily acheivable by a lefty is actually a shot thats not easily done by a righty

spare a thought for the setters , its not an easy job, especially if your doing it in a club where it has to be rushed out in the mornings due to club security, locations ect

I think there would be very few people who deliberately bias courses

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