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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I think my view is heavily tainted Rob from when I started, I was all over the place and those outliers are so crushing and hard to work off so I've always done "hits only" as well as my other scores to see what I'm "actually" doing and not hoping Calps/Gilly has a bad day, I know it's all relative and now I'm levelling it has little effect but the difference at one point was 12%, just found it interesting. So knowing how hard it actually is I've always looked for ways to help the bottom end really, no biggy and I've done it to death so I'm going for pint now
Hits is kindergarten stuff. I've seen GP's won on 39 (one of which Marc put in a 38 with a springer) and them cleared. Because conditions were completely different. You can't say 38 in both is the same, springer or not. 38 in one is a bloody good score, and in another for a AA it's a disaster.

I agree, remove the outliers. Remove the 100% if you have one, and the 30% if you have one. But keep them on recored so the next time you get 100% or 30% they wont be outliers. But it really helps if you only try and predict similar competitions.

Enjoy the pint I'm still building a nuclear reactor at work.
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