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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Grades are only in effect after the very last shoot of the season... But they have an inherit inaccuracy at the moment due to a large amount of the scores that make up your grade being from a series entirely unconnected with the series you are about to commence. Unless you have Jack in your region, you probably don't have someone consistently putting in the same performance at 100% or very close to it. You might have 90, maybe, possibly 95, but if that person brings in 100's through the series, then all your grades will come up with. And then voila, when you come to the national, you could be just in a grade where in reality, you could be a few % below and winning, instead of starving at the bottom of a grade for a series.

But that said, I don't think it stands the test to say on one hand you think they aren't any good, and then on another hand to suggest a regional comp should be changed so they are better. Just unshackle the things from the region, and then one wont take with the other.
I think my view is heavily tainted Rob from when I started, I was all over the place and those outliers are so crushing and hard to work off so I've always done "hits only" as well as my other scores to see what I'm "actually" doing and not hoping Calps/Gilly has a bad day, I know it's all relative and now I'm levelling it has little effect but the difference at one point was 12%, just found it interesting. So knowing how hard it actually is I've always looked for ways to help the bottom end really, no biggy and I've done it to death so I'm going for pint now
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