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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Awarding 100% doesn't care about the weather Mark, the only thing that keeps that in check is if you/gilly/calps turn up and keep the number of targets hit high, every target missed by an AA shooter means an increase in % for bottom end shooter, so my grade can often depends on what you do as well as the course, so I'm shooting against the course and you.

I just wouldn't award the 100% for hitting 38 for example. I'd add all your scores together and then divide by the number of targets shot to give a accurate % - but I think that's just me but I also accept there's no perfect way to do it unless we all shoot the same courses.
You can have your 38... it's called a score.

Grades are not scores. They are a measure of you against the course and the competitors to predict your future performance.

If you try and stop treating them as scores, a lot more things will drop into place for you with all this.
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