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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Regarding what your saying about the grades, if some one wins a shoot on a dead calm day scores 50x50 gets 100% and at the next shoot top score is 42x50 at say some where like sywell in strong wind are you saying the guy who has shot in tougher conditions won the shoot on a 42 shouldn't be awarded 100% ??? Your not taking into account the different conditions from shoot to shoot with your way of thinking
Awarding 100% doesn't care about the weather Mark, the only thing that keeps that in check is if you/gilly/calps turn up and keep the number of targets hit high, every target missed by an AA shooter means an increase in % for bottom end shooter, so my grade can often depends on what you do as well as the course, so I'm shooting against the course and you.

I just wouldn't award the 100% for hitting 38 for example. I'd add all your scores together and then divide by the number of targets shot to give a accurate % - but I think that's just me but I also accept there's no perfect way to do it unless we all shoot the same courses.

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