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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Coop what are you banging on about? Over and over with the same thing, look we know the straw pole supports your agenda, we get that, we really do.

Personally, I wouldn't have taken a poll on one event, I'd have given it a longer go so people could see the difference it makes to the people in the lower grades and to reserves your answer; if you had your way you wouldn't have listened to everyone, which I believe is the proper way. Dave spelled out, several times, what he's going to do and I support that.

Right now I honestly don't care which way it goes but I do know you've missed a real opportunity.
twisting again m8? if you had your way there would have been no vote,and its only your opinion that it would benefit shooters in lower grades, its also only your opinion that we've missed an oportunity, im in the lower grades and know it would not have benefited me, you moaned about the grades and grading system m8, "change this, change that" sometimes change in't for the good have you not learned owt? its not all about you, im all for everyone having a vote who it affects, better to bang on as you call it than try to spin things, get back to your grange hill vids an see if you can find owt to answer this with lol.
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